Hand to Hand –

Systema hand-to-hand training reveals the true way of self-defense. You will study all aspects of unarmed combat including a multitude of fascinating drills and theories, methods to increase endurance, sensitivity, striking power, unique use of the body for defense and attack. You will attain control of any empty hand attack with emphasis on breathing continuity economy of motion and devastating unpredictable moves.

Ground Fighting –

Learn how to fight on the ground unarmed and armed against one or more opponents who may try to grab, shake, shake, punch, or stab you. Learn tactics to overcome these threats by optimizing your body and controlling your psyche. From basic movements to free flow drills, Systema ground fighting will unlock your ultimate potential while keeping you free from fear and tension.


Systema offers unique methods of defense against sticks, knives, change, guns, as well as against improvised Weaponry. Learn to gain complete control of single or multiple attackers while empty-handed or armed. Explore the incredible ways of turning common items into highly effective tools of protection.

Breathing and Health Classes –

Enhance your health and conditioning, remove stress, and rejuvenate through system of practices of static and dynamic breath work. I do for all levels from the most basic beginner to the elite athlete. Overcome irritability, fatigued, frustrations of everyday life, all while gaining energy, strength, and happiness.

The Instructor –

Dean_FosterAs Systema is informal and has no titles or rank, Dean Foster is certified by Vladimir Vasiliev of Systema HQ in Toronto to teach all aspects of Systema. In addition to Systema, Dean has been training in the martial arts since 1976, and holds black belt rankings in five styles, including Tae Kwon Do, Mo Duk Pai, and Sambo. He also has extensive modern weapons and tactics training that translates directly to Systema.

Class Times

Tuesday, 6 – 8 pm
Thursday, 6 – 8 pm
For additional information, contact Dean at
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